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   Mar 27

2 mistakes you should avoid when looking for more readers

I am sure like every other blogger out there your aim too is to get large amount of readers but in an attempt to do so don’t end up making the same mistakes most bloggers do. So in case you’re wondering what these mistakes are in this article I will cover 2 blunders you should definitely avoid when you’re looking for more readers.

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1. Setting up an amateur blog

How much ever great you may be with your promotions but if your blog is not good enough it’s not going to yield you anything because if your blog does not make the right first impression people are more likely never to comeback. Make sure your blog has more than 2-3 posts and not just simple text posts but posts with images, videos etc. Also make sure your posts aren’t very old. Keep you blog up to date and readers will keep coming in.

2. Using dubious SEO tricks

It is definitely necessary that you get a good rank on a search engines to get more readers but if you use the wrong methods to do so like writing many irrelevant guests posts to get more backlinks, taking part in link exchanges or filling up your blog posts unnecessarily with keywords etc. you will only end up getting yourself penalised by search engines. So avoid using such methods. Keep your readers happy and you will automatically get a good rank and more readers.

   Mar 21

How to connect to your Seedbox using Secure Shell (SSH)

Have you heard or read about Secure Shell?

You will come across this word when you search for Seedbox related topics. So do you know what exactly does secure shell (SSH) do? Well secure shell is a terminal access to your Seedbox.

Confused?  In simple words it is just a medium that will help you establish connection with your Seedbox.

Now when you buy a Seedbox it is more likely that it comes with a SSH access.

What you require to access it is a username, a password and also the location of the server.

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images (2)

Another important thing that you will need and is very helpful is a software known as putty which you will need to download. So before you go looking for it below is a link from where you can easily download putty.


Once you have downloaded this software simply install the software.

Once you install putty just open the putty configuration box

After the configuration screen is opened all you have to do is simply enter the IP address or the location of the server which will be provided to you by your Seedbox service provider.

Now once you have entered the required address, a dos like terminal window will open and in this window you will have to sign in with the username and the password that has been provided to you.

If you do the above steps correctly you will have SSH access to your Seedbox.